iPhone Hacks to Improve Speed and Performance after iOS 8 Upgrade


It was kind of delirious to see that Apple has not abandoned its old devices and had made them receive the update of recently launched iOS 8. However, this proved to be more of a rude welcome for its users as the update made the devices especially iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 2 pretty slow. Before some of us realized the aftermath of iOS 8 upgrade, it was too late and the downgrade window was closed too. Now when we know that we have no option but to ultimately resort to this new software, here are some clever hacks to make your Apple device speed up a bit.


Go to Spotlight search option and turn it OFF

Settings->General->Spotlight Search

Spotlight is a feature that does indexing of content system and files in the background to yield the desired result. After updating the device to iOS 8, it will utilize the data from news, websites, app store, Wikipedia and many more content aggregator sites. This occupies lots of space and memory on the device, making it really slow to process information. So, it is recommended that you turn this function off. If you are used to this feature and want it to fetch relevant results, you can track off the sources you do not want to include to source information in the results.

Go to Background Refresh and turn it OFF

Settings->General->Background App Refresh

This is not a new feature to be incorporated in the iOS 8. iOS 7 had it too but turning it off can do a wonderful job of speeding up your device. This feature is used by iPhone apps to automatically refresh the content in the background which results in drastic slowdown in the processing capability of the iPhone as well as quick draining of the battery. Since Background Refresh is hardcore multitasking, older devices have tough time keeping up with it. So, it is better that you turn it off to make your iPhone run faster.

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Go to Reduce Motion and turn it ON

Settings->General->Accessibility->Reduce Motion

Indeed the system animations and moving wallpapers look oh-so-beautiful on the iPhone screen but now when you have upgraded to iOS 8, these can really put a rein on the performance and speed of your Apple device. Disable these by going to the settings and turning on the Reduce Motion. Trade off this feature to run the latest iOS 8 and make peace with the buggy performance!

Clear the cache and storage space

Yes, we know that you already made lots of space by removing your media files to give a red carpet welcome to iOS 8 upgrade but to speed up your device you need to clear more space. If the space is low on your mobile, the device will hang or show occasional glitches and the running apps may crash out in the blue. So, make sure to keep some space, at least a couple of GBs spare to ensure proper functioning of the device.

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If you have the latest glittering piece of the gold brick, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we know that there is nothing to worry about on the software part. But we can totally understand the concern of owners who are using older devices from the Apple. Would love to hear from you people if these hacks worked in your favor and improved the performance of your Apple iPhone or iPad!