iWatch and iPhone 6 to have Sapphire Screen Cover


Taking rumors anything to go with, the upcoming Apple devices are going to big hit, as they are likely to come with impressive hardware and software part. The latest rumors suggest that both iWatch and iPhone 6 will come up with Sapphire Screen cover used in them.

iWatch and iPhone 6 to have Sapphire Screen Cover

As per the report of Wall Street Journal, Sapphire Screen cover’s production is likely to come from Mesa, Arizona factory this month itself. This company is operated by Apple and Merrimack. With the production to come this month, we expect to see this new hard material to be used in iPhone 6 and iWatch. The production quantity is expected to be double than the amount of synthetic sapphire produced today around the world. Seems, Apple does not want to face any low production issue and thus to face any drop in the profit bar.

Sapphire is scratch and crack proof material, and is hardest in the world today. By using it for smartphone’s screens, the companies can offer a better product and can enjoy a better profit. But, it’s quite expensive to carry out the production of sapphire screens on a large scale. Since using it will take the cost of smartphone out of customer’s reach, so companies don’t give any interest in using it. There is literally no meaning in making a smartphone that no one can afford, right?

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Many of you might already know that Apple uses sapphire for making camera lens of its iPhone and also the Touch ID fingerprint reader. Now the company is expected to use this hard material to make screen of its upcoming iPhone device as well as the wearable products like iWatch. Apple is working on the ways to cut down the production cost so that using this material does not bring any noticeable change in the price of its products.

The rumors about Apple planning to use Sapphire material have been floating over the web for many months. The competitors of this leading tech company say that the Sapphire material for large display won’t be good to go for. They are targeting Apple by calling this ‘possible future’ step a mistake. Although we don’t whether the Sapphire will be good use in big displays, but yes. we do know that it’s been proved useful in smaller stuff like wearable tech.

We are pretty excited to see upcoming Apple products with Sapphire material used in them. We will keep an eye if anything new pops up in this matter. Stay updated!