Latest Leaked Images of iPhone 6 Powered By iOS 8


iPhone 6 is one of the most sought after smartphone of 2014 that everyone is looking forward to. Since our expectation is really high from this phone, therefore, the cyber space has been flooded with rumors and leaked features of Apple’s next generation phone. The latest images of iPhone 6 give us a glimpse of the phone from both back and front side. Moreover, the front side images show that the phone is being run on iOS 8 which is the next generation mobile operating system of Apple.

Latest Leaked Images of iPhone 6 Powered By iOS 8

In these latest photos we get to see a very sleek and slim phone with rounded edges and side buttons. There is only one break in the smooth design so as to make space for the efficient antennas. iPhone 4 has some signal issues which we do not expect to see in this phone and hence its has been equipped with large antenna.

Reporters of TMZ claims that these images were ‘smuggled out of a Foxconn factory’ located in China. Rum=or has it that iPhone 6 is being manufactured in this workshop located in China. The reporters also stated that these images were captured by a worker of the Foxconn factory, who also happens to be a friend of one of the reporters of TMZ.

Leaked Images of iPhone 6 Powered By iOS 8If these images turn out to be true, then all the rumors that has been surfacing the internet for quite a a long time i.e. iPhone 6 will sport a new design will also be true. In the front images, we get to see a black menu box with some options for navigation. This is probably a new feature of iOS 8 that will make it easier to use iPhone 6.

We are expecting the iPhone 6 to launch in September 6th, and from 19th September it will be available in the stores. Stay tuned with us for more news on iPhone 6.