Latest Rumours Features , Release Date of iOS 8


2013 witnessed the release of iOS 7 which had some positive as well as negative points. However, the users in general were satisfied with the redesigning of user interface of iOS 7. With the turn of the year, the tech geeks have already started to contemplate about the features of iOS 8 which will release this year. iOS 8 is going to be the Operating System for all of Apple’s product line in 2014 like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has stated that the brand has ‘big plans’ for the year 2014 encompassing all its products. So we are also expecting some major changes in the iOS 8 platform. Here is snapshot of the latest rumours that surround iOS 8.

iOS 8 rumours : Control Panel

One of the most appreciable additional features of iOS 7 is the control panel from where it is easier to get access to different applications. However, some changes in the iOS 8 will be really appreciable. In iOS 8 we expect the users will be given the opportunity to customize the control panel so that they can choose the applications that they want to keep in it and gain access to quickly.

iOS 8 rumours : iMessaging

In the present iOS, the users have to launch the iMessage apps for replying to messages while working on other application. This operation is quite clumsy and we expect that some changes to be brought about in it so that messages can be replied to by simply opening a dialogue box. Moreover, a single control area from where the entries of the different applications can be deleted at once should be also developed in iOS 8.

Moreover, lately we have also come to know that Apple has acquired a specialised assistant programming company named Cue. We are very hopeful that the developers at Cue will help iOS to turn into a user and popular platform just like Google’s Android OS.

Multiple Accounts

One of the most wanted features in iOS 8 is the ability to have more than one account from a single license. Sometimes, a single iDevice is used by many members of the family like an iPad, there should be an option whereby the family members can open their separate accounts and maintain privacy while using a common gadget. It would be really appreciable if Apple developers take up the initiative to include this feature.

Better Siri

Some innovative features should be also added to make Siri all the more interesting. At present, Siri in US has both male and female voices, but UK users only have option for male voices. It would be nice if iOS 8 is integrated with features whereby all users will have access to this option. Apart from this nominal change,the developers must take up the initiative to make Siri work more efficiently.

Multitasking Capabilities

Moreover, iOS 8 must have multitasking capabilities. For example: the ability to split the screen in two portions so that the users can engage in two tasks at a time. Windows 8 has this unique ability and we would like to see it in other platforms as well.

Customize Apps

The Apple users must be given the option to customize the apps used by them according to their preference as well as need. There should be an option for uninstalling the annoying default apps. Moreover, Apple device has Safari as default browser. But most users prefer Chrome or Firefox over Safari, but they do not have the ability to make it their default browser. In iOS 8 we are expecting users to have the liberty of choosing their preferred browser.

Group Calls from FaceTime

Skype has been already updated with the ability to make group calls, but FaceTime does not have it. So in iOS8 we would like to see an upgraded version of FaceTime along with group calling feature.

Apple’s Month Subscription Pack

Apple can also takeup the initiative to develop a App Store where the users can pay a specific amount to get unlimited access to films, books, TV shows and many more. This would be good for Apple and its user, but will give a huge blow to the competitors.

Energy Management

We always had trouble with regard to the battery life of the iDevices. But this can be handled in a much better way if we there is feature whereby some application will turn off automatically once there is 30% battery left in the gadget. In this way, the users can manage their phone in a much better way.

Release Date of iOS 8

The trend that has been followed by Apple till date is that the next version of iOS platform is released every year in the WWDC. So this year also we can expect the iOS 8 to get released in June during the WWDC. However, we would not get the opportunity to experience until the next iDevice is released. Lastly the iTunes Radio was a new feature of iOS 7, but only the users in USA could make use of it. So this year we are expecting that users in other parts of the world can also use iTunes Radio to stream songs from the internet. We will keep updating with the latest news about iOS 8, so stay tuned with us.