A list of iOS 8 Hidden Features after the WWDC

iOS 8 Hidden Features after the WWDC

Apple has just released the beta version of iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple normally displays the main features of iOS at the release demo. This time also the same tradition is being followed. However, the interesting news is the slew of hidden features that are buried inside iOS 8.

iOS 8 Hidden Features after the WWDC

The features are called hidden because they were not discussed at length at the Keynote Presentation. Apple merely listed the features. Toward the end of the Keynote Presentation, the features popped up on the screen. But the hyper vigilante tech community has captured it and speculations regarding the hidden features started.

There are more than 30 hidden features. It’s not possible for us to discuss each and every one of them, but we’ll give short introduction of the ones which we couldn’t describe here in details. Let’s begin with the most promising features;

Braille keyboard for direct 6dot braille input

This feature will be very helpful for blind people. Advantage of 6dot braille is only 64 primary characters are needed. All the combinations could be made of those 64 characters. The feature replaces Braille ASCII.

Instant burst camera mode

iOS 8 was rumored to arrive with enhanced camera functionality. This feature will probably let users capture images instantly.

Alex voice for accessibility

The Alex voice is a very useful feature. It was added to Mac OS X 10.5 to render quality speech and human like sound. iOS 8 users could get improved voice support for accessibility.

iBooks built into iOS 8

The built-in iBooks will amaze users. Besides, they may not have to download eBooks from third parties. Apple users can download iBooks from App Store on iTune. Probably, built-in iBooks will come with better support.

Multi-device support for Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aids

Like the Braille keyboard feature, the MFi hearing aids are for a limited number of audiences. It’s for people who have problem hearing something clearly. The iOS 8 will let them connect MFi hearing aids to multiple devices, run on the OS.

DuckDuckGo support in Safari

iOS 8 will probably make DuckDuckGo the default search engine in the Safari browser. Apple didn’t mention if it will apply only to any specific version of Safari browser or all versions. Experts are of the opinion that Apple wants iOS 8 users to ditch Google.

Separate focus and exposure in Camera

It was almost confirmed that iOS 8 will have enhanced quality camera and advanced camera apps. The separate focus and exposure is probably a part of it. The feature may help users have additional camera focus.

In Case of Emergency Card

As the name itself suggests, the app will help users in time of emergency situations.

Touch ID to exit Guided Access

It probably helps users navigate with more ease through the touch ID.

Speak Screen Support

The speaking screen feature was anticipated by some analysts. Apple brings it in iOS 8.

iTunes content purchases with Siri

The app will offer users better accessibility as through voiceover, they could buy from the App store.

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Other hidden features of iOS 8 that we don’t have a clue about but hope to be useful for users are mentioned below;

  • Battery usage by app

  • 24 new dictation languages

  • FaceTime call waiting

  • Flyover city tours

  • Panoramic photos on iPad

  • Tips app

  • Private browsing per tab in Safari

  • ‘Hey, Siri’ hotword

  • Wi-Fi calling support

With more news streamlined on iOS 8, we’ll have a better idea on these features.