The Long Awaited iOS 8 Jailbreak is Finally Set to Arrive in Month of October


Through the entire fall, we’ve been getting news and rumors on Apple’s products. Apple has released iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite already. Because the GM version of iOS 8 was found to have bugs, Apple released iOS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2. But those versions were not stable either. Apple has very recently launched iOS 8.1.


Right after iOS 8.1 is out, we heard from the hacker community that jailbreak for iOS 8.1 could be made public soon. As a matter of fact, we could expect the unlocking tool to land in this month. There’s very little gap between the release of iOS 8 and iOS 8.1. The jailbreak community is praising Apple for such an accelerated release of iOS 8.1.

The quick progression has reportedly helped hacking teams like Pangu and Evad3rs to wrap up working on the unlocking tool. So they owe thanks to Apple. When iOS 7 released last year, users had to wait for six months to get their hands on iOS 7.1.

Developers who are working on the upcoming jailbreak, are quite certain that the tool will continue to remain in favorable working condition over next six months. The next iOS release will reportedly take place in late first quarter of 2015. Some sources have indicated Apple will wrap up the iOS 8 update cycle by April 2015. After the current 8.1 update, there will be two more updates; iOS 8.2 and 8.3.

A possible scenario could be iOS 8 jailbreak team advising jailbreak users to stay away from future updates. Meanwhile the hacking team will not seat idle. Once iOS 8.3 is out, they will take time to release a crack and once the crack is distributed, they’d give green signal to users to update. iOS 8 users have become quite disturbed because the hacker community wasn’t able to show them any silver lining. However, they can now liberate their device’s.

Question is which jailbreaking team will dish out iOS crack first. Will it be Pangu or Evad3rs? They haven’t given any indication that they are working on a jailbreak. The last update that we’ve received from the group is a reminder from a user called @MuscleNerd. The user admonishes iOS users not to install iOS 8.1 update if they opt to to install Evasi0n8.

As for Pangu from China, they have assured users soon after the launch of iOS 8 that jailbreaking the newly launched OS is going on. It was indeed reassuring because earlier everyone thought iOS 8 couldn’t be jailbroken because of tight security. Some Redditors have claimed they have succeeded jailbreaking iOS 8 during the beta version releases. However, these claims were not authentic.

There’s a loophole in iOS 8.1 beta version that we’ve mentioned in one of our previous articles. The loophole allows users to install SNES games. Only problem was if someone installs the trick, he won’t be able to download and install iOS 8.1

But that is past now. Since iOS 8 jailbreak is knocking at the door, users could take a sigh of relief.