A Look at Some Key Differences Between iOS 7 and the Upcoming iOS 8


Apple is slated to release iOS 8 in fall 2014. The Beta version of iOS 8 was released at the WWDC last month. We do have some information on the upcoming iOS. Apple will bring some cool features this time which previous installments of iOS lacked. Other than that, iOS 8 will reportedly be free. This will be a major change because Apple never made any of their products available in the market for free.


As for other differences, they are striking and sometimes really mind-blowing. It’s a bit strange that the new update doesn’t look entirely different from iOS 7. There were rumors at the outset of the beta version release that iOS 8 will have a complete overhaul. That didn’t happen. Perhaps because Apple brought some major changes with the iOS 7 design and in March this year, Apple released iOS 7.1 which showcased some really interesting features like Siri integrated in-car control system called CarPlay. So Apple will probably concentrate on iOS 8 specs this time, not on the looks.

A key difference between iOS 7 and iOS 8 is the former was mainly about design and the latter is all about intriguing features. iOS 8 users will make the best use of the camera. Some of the camera features that are unavailable in iOS 7 will be offered by iOS 8 are;

Permanent backup

The camera functionality will be integrated with iCloud. Whenever users will take a snap or record a video, it will be automatically saved on cloud. The storage will be in the iCloud Photo Library. The saving process will be easy and hassle-free.

Time-lapse video

This one alone is the reason enough to move to iOS 8 from 7. if you have a series of stills on your iPhone, you can make a video using this feature. The video will be of high quality if pictures are taken by a DSLR camera.

iPad panorama

Apple may for the first time introduce panorama photos for iPad. The feature was so far available only on iPhone, but now iPad users will also be able to enjoy it. The pictures will be wide in format.

Exposure control

iOS 7 users have separate focus and exposure for their camera. But on iOS 8 platform, they will be separate from one another. This will help users control the exposure of their camera. To adjust the exposure, a user only needs to set the focus and the swipe the sun icon up and down.

Other than the said differences, iOS 8 will offer users better sharing feature, improved touch id and efficient battery life. Sharing is limited to only a small number of built-in apps on iOS 7. But iOS 8 will give apps a new position on the sharing screen and with that, syncing between a devices that run on OS X Yosemite will be easy.

iOS 7 touch id allows users to unlock the iPhone and purchase from the app store. But the touch id on iOS 8 will have additional functionalities such as login to Amazon, login to another app and even login to a website on Safari browser using secure password that is stored in another app. Also on iOS 8, users will get better idea of the battery usage. They will be able to see which app is using how much of the battery.

Some sources said the release date of iPhone 6 will be September 17. There’s no word from Apple on this. The exact release date wasn’t revealed and it’s all speculation at this moment. If Apple divulges information on iPhone 6, we may be able to see some light as iPhone 6 is reported to release with iOS 8. Users with iPhone version below iPhone 4S will not be able to download or install iOS 8.