Mobile Retargeting Strategies by App Developers Before the Release of iOS 8


We’ve stated earlier that iOS 8 will be a hub for apps. This will have both pros and cons. In this article, we’ll discuss those.

iOS 8 will officially release on Sept 17, this Wednesday. The frenzy over the OS has been gigantic. Consumers are waiting breathlessly for it and once it is out, they will explore its every nook and corner. Keeping that in mind, app developers are working day and night to build exciting iOS 8 apps. Many Android App developers are readying premium version of their apps for iOS 8.

Mobile Retargeting Strategies by App Developers Before the Release of iOS 8

But discovering new apps means outdistancing existing apps. That’s what the app marketers are worried about. They are trying hard to come up with a strategy to retain consumer’s interest for existing iOS apps while at the same time cash in on the opportunities to make money from the new apps.

Mobile Retargeting

The segment of mobile app marketing that deals with re-engaging consumers who were once loyal to the company is called mobile retargeting. Over the last few years, mobile retargeting has been slowly reaching to its potential. To track the development of the app marketing industry, advertisers and app marketers are increasingly taking help of Advertisement Identifiers (IDFAs).

They have been parameterizing the mobile retargeting industry. Two of the initiatives taken by them are following;

  • Adoption of a unique metric to analyze app marketing attribution. Maturing the metric in line with advanced media buying techniques such as real-time bidding, thereby delivering app marketers better insight.
  • Identifying user’s behaviors and trends through Facebook and Twitter as both networks are visited by a sizable number of mobile users.

iOS 8 Launch

We need to gauge the relevance of mobile retargeting at the outset of iOS 8 release. After the release, iOS 7 users will move to the new iOS version. The ones who will be upgrading their operating systems are active users. Since they are not dormant, showing them adverts could secure the ROI.

At the same time, campaigns can be launched to re-engage the dormant users who were once active. Retargeting efforts should include;

  1. Dishing out new features or content that the dormant users may not be aware of.
  2. Remind them why they downloaded the app in the past. They might feel the same need this time also.
  3. Tell them in which ways the application will function better when used in iOS 8.

Quality of the app is something that the app developer should take too seriously. They should constantly improve the app’s quality. Developers have to tweak their apps before an OS update because the old version of the app may not work once users install the latest version of the OS. Last year, a 33% increase in app downloading was found in the month next to the iOS 7 release.

If statistical figures are to be trusted, more than 75% users will download new apps and reevaluate existing apps within first 10 days from the day of iOS 8 release.

Thus, in order to make mobile retargeting work, developers and app marketers will have to reach out to users during first 10 days after the release.