New Healthbook App in iOS 8 Promises More Health Components in iWatch


There are rumours that Apple is developing a new app which will primarily focus on the health of the users.  We are expecting to see this app in iOS8 which is going to be released in 2014 itself and in all probabilities is it christened as Healthbook. This app will collect all the vital health statistics of the users and thereafter it will organize the data for the benefit of the users.

Health App ios 8

The health app will be pre installed in iOS 8 and it will be installed with features whereby it can measure the blood pressure, heart rate, hydration level, pulse, blood sugar level and other vital statistics of a person. Moreover, the users can also set reminders in the apps whereby they will be reminded of their daily dose medication from time to time. So the health freaks can wear their iWatch in their workout session to calculate how many calories they lost after each session or even how many calories they have gained after partying with their friends.

The iOS 8 is being developed keeping in mind the design of both iWatch as well as iPhones, so that this app can be efficiently used in both the platforms and information can be shared between these platforms quite easily. Thereby, tracking the vital health signs of an individual will be easier with this app installed in your gadget. Moreover, Heathbook will be fed with some the upper and lower limits of the vital signs so that the users can match their health reports with the standard ones and in so doing it will be easier to maintain their health. The tech geeks have reported that the chip-set is being developed by the Apple developers in such a way so that it can measure the vital signs of the users easily.

Lately, the top executives of Apple met the FDA officials to talk over the features included in the health apps. Though none of the officials confirmed about what was being discussed in the meeting, but we guess that they were discussing about the regulatory measures that Apple should take up before introducing this app and the standards they should maintain.

Last year Apple has hired many medical officers and experts in this field, along with technical developers who are pros in this field. All these developments make it quite clear that iOS 8 will come with a health app. We will get to see the preview of iOS 8 at WWDC where we will also get to see Healthbook as well.