New Information on Apple Healthbook before the Opening of WWDC


The WWDC event is only a couple of hours away. Both dedicated Apple enthusiasts and naive users are having their fingers crossed for iOS 8 which is all set to debut at the event. There have been plenty of rumors on iOS 8. The rumors stated iOS 8 will pack some new features like Preview, Healthbook, TextEdit and Tips.


At the outset of the WWDC, we got some new info on Healthbook. Industry sources believe Healthbook will be more than just an application. Earlier it was reported that Apple has been recruiting biomedical experts from various parts of the world. The exact reason behind the hiring spree wasn’t known but sources held Apple is working on a new health friendly iWatch. However, it’s quite likely that Apple has amassed so many experts on board so some innovative health related apps could be introduced to the iOS ecosystem like Healthbook.

What can we expect from the upcoming Healthbook? First of all, enthusiasm will be on a lesser degree as Apple is not unveiling a hardware. But even then, there will be excitement about Healthbook as it is rumored to be a system that integrates health and fitness data across Apple’s whole product lineup. The app will have long-term trending feature, track health and fitness progress and display the data through charts.

Some experts are claiming Healthbook on iOS 8 will be a prelude. If Apple receives positive feedback from users, they will put the app on the next generation biosensing wearable devices. Halle Tecco, the chief executive officer of Rock Health said, “For next week, it’s probably just the platform. We are excited about both / either products, because having a company like Apple in healthcare can really help move the industry forward.” There’s clear indication in Tecco’s statement that Healthbook or similar types of apps will be set on all types of Apple hardware.

Healthbook will perform a set of tasks; a user’s vital stats such as weight, heart rate, nutrition and sleep requirement could be tabbed. Clinically relevant details such as blood pressure, sugar level in blood, heart rate, respiratory rate and dehydration will also be tracked. From medical perspective, this will be groundbreaking as people suffering from diabetes, hypertension or low pressure will see how their health is functioning themselves. Subsequently, they’d provide helpful information to physicians.

The reason behind Apple’s readiness to introduce a health app is not difficult to anticipate. Samsung very recently held Voice of the Body event in San Francisco. At the event, Samsung unveiled an ecosystem called SAMI. The ecosystem has a unique application programming interface and it will operate from cloud. The ecosystem will be embedded in health monitoring wearable devices which Samsung will release in future.

Apple must have realized if they don’t offer something similar to SAMI, they’ll lag behind Samsung in the race. Thus, they invented Healthbook.
Hopefully, We’ll get many new and exciting info once the functionality of Healthbook is described at WWDC by Apple. We just to need to wait for tomorrow when iOS 8 will be unveiled.