The New IOS 8 Lock Screen App for Android Users


Apple’s next installment in the iOS series is iOS 8. The release date is not yet known. The new operating system will be unveiled for the first time at Apple’s WWDC conference, scheduled to take place on June 2. Even though the beta version release is near, some people can’t actually wait. They want iOS 8 on their devices now.


As the iOS 8 is rumored to release with some highly advanced features, Android users are pissed because they won’t get to use those features. However, a new app has arrived which could allow Android users to get hold of the upcoming iOS 8 and its uber exciting features.

The app is called IOS 8. If you own an Android device and have the desire to use iOS, IOS 8 is a must for you. In the past, we’ve seen many app in the Android eco-system emulating iOS surfing experience. But IOS 8 is not like those previous apps.

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We’ve received only a handful of details on IOS 8. In this article, we’ll share those info with our readers. IOS 8 is a lockscreen replacement app; it is the newest and probably the hottest. The theme developer of the app stated IOS 8 could give the Android device iOS 8 lock screen. Problem is, iOS 8 is yet to release and nobody really knows what iOS 8 lock screen will be like. Thus, the entire thing is based on speculation.

Courtesy to 9to5mac, we have two screenshots of how the IOS lock screen will look like. The look is very impressive. The background is cosmic sky in both screenshots. In one of them, there’s a metallic clock in the middle of the screen. Another screen features a ring in the middle. There are four icons on four different sides of the circle. To the north side, there’s a camera, to the south a lock, to west, a telephone dial and to the east side, a message icon.

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Question is whether the IOS 8 lock screen will look indeed like as depicted in the screenshots. One thing however can be said, the IOS lock screen is pretty wonderful look wise. Its functionalities are also quite amazing. Users will be able to launch apps straight from the lock screen. For that, they just need to drag the center of the circle to an app. For example if they want to access messages, they just need to drag the circle’s center to the message icon on the right side.

One important aspect of the app, highlighted by 9to5mac is its iconography has almost one to one similarity with iOS 7’s thin outlined pictograph. The glyphs along with the spacey wallpaper indicate the design was done by Jony Ive. The app therefore, will not only make your device look like iPhone but will add iPhone’s functionality as well.

The IOS 8 app has already created a buzz among Android users. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. So download the app and enjoy iOS 8 feel.

Install IOS 8 from Play Store


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    But where is the download link? I can’t find it in Google Play Store, can you please give me the download link?

  2. hi there sohil memon if you cant find it on google play store i think you dont have updated software or your phone is not compatable with your phone some times stuff gets obsolete thats my thory i am gussing but i do know lots about technolgyies