The new iOS 8 : Thinks Apple Tried to Get Rid Off


Apple finally launched the new iOS 8 on the WWDC 2014 for the iPhone and iPads and it killed some of its former apps which have been improved and advanced apps. This was an unexpected move to some of but that is what Apple does to us every year, surprise and leaves us with something to talk about. So here are the changes Apple made for the new iOS 8.




Apple’s iCloud has been massively pleasing cloud storage alternative for iPhones and iPads users. This is to some extent because Dropbox is excellent and superb. Apple has refurbished the iCloud Drive. However, the iCloud now has the most excellent features from the Dropbox. It is now capable of managing a cloud-based files folder straight from a Finder window just as if they (the files) were saved on local SD. To be fair enough, the only app with this option is the Dropbox. Apple now has a very discrete advantage because the OS X will come with the new iCloud Drive pre-installed. Apple users will be very happy because it this new tool and Apple will have a big advantage to their rival competitors.



Apple has made a decision to develop an API (Application Program Interface) that will help developers come up with tools that will enable users to easily control the gadgets, using just their phone. Apple will now be able to beat their competitors because it will now be able to build its own gadgets and be the platform for others.



The current competition in the messaging (instant and group message) has made Apple improve their iMessage and now it holds a big competition to their competitors GroupMe and Whatsapp. The big advances and improvements made by Apple to the iMessage will give their competitors a good run for their money. The new features Apple has incorporated in the iMessage include: video support, an enhanced UI on the desktop and in-line audio. The Do Not Disturb will now be included in the group iMessage at last. It is good to put in mind that the iMessage has not been that reliable in the past so don’t count your options just yet.

SoundHound and other music recognition services


In the iOS 8, Apple has now integrated Siri to be directly in charge of music recognition and Shazam has had a blow. You may agree with me that Shazam recognizes the song when it’s almost coming to an end. Right? Now Apple has built in it directly into Siri and now triggering song recognition is easy as never before. SoundHound will have a hard time to survive because of the massive number of iOS 8.

Hightail/ We Transfer


Using Hightail or We Transfer for sharing large files is no longer vital as it was because many Apple users prefer to use the Dropbox and other cloud storage share links more often. The new feature (MailDrop) that Apple has built will make it even more irrelevant. This new MailDrop feature will now allow you to upload files of up to 5GB and still attach it with a secure link directly. There will now no need to have third-party software and email attachments will no longer bounce back. This puts a big smile to all Apple lovers and users who use the mail more often.



Apple seems to be killing its own software and as strange as it sounds, we can actually assume this because Apple has not had a meaningful update to Aperture for years. A few years ago, Aperture was a very decent pro photo editing suite but as of our current days, Adobe’s Lightroom has been in no doubt killing it dead. Apple announced that it will introduce and launch a new photo experience early next year. It will have way more tools than the iPhoto has today and we are expecting that it will be more classy and stylish editor. It seems Apple is trying to kill Aperture completely but I know that they have something good in store for us.



There’s no doubt how awesome the Skitch tool is, no wonder apple has taken numerous features from this tool and included them in the Mail app as a tool they have labeled the Markup. Despite Skitch still remaining to be with some cool effects like text, PDFs and sms bubbles to fun images, just the fact that Markup has the ability to make those cool annotations on your touchpad, that’s more than adequate reason to stick to the Markup and leave the Skitch tool.