News of iOS 8 Jailbreak and Existing Loopholes as Alternatives


The much awaited iOS 8 has finally released. iOS users are happy. But many of them (the ambitious ones) are still having their fingers crossed for iOS 8 jailbreak. There’s no news when the jailbreak will arrive. What iOS 8 has at this moment are former jailbreak-only features and plenty of loopholes.

iOS 8 Jailbreak

But can they be alternative to a comprehensive jailbreak? This question is tough to answer. The existing patches may not be the alternatives of a jailbreak version. More so, Apple has already released two versions of iOS 8.0. Now it is up for releasing iOS 8.1.

Very recently, the Hacker News reported a security loop in iOS 8. The loop lets users download and play celebrated SNES games such as ‘Super Mario’ and ‘Pokemon’. Earlier, users had to download a jailbreak first but thanks to the new exploits, they can now install the games without downloading the jailbreak.

Because iOS is a proprietary software (unlike Android), Apple doesn’t allow its users to download any emulator from its App Store. If they did allow, that would have resulted in copyright violation issue. Hence iOS users couldn’t install third party emulators and apps that are unlicensed.

The upcoming iOS 8.1 beta version was found to have the viral ‘Date Trick’ loophole. The loophole allows iOS emulator to overcome all strict restrictions that are being imposed by Apple. All a user needs to do is to alter the date and time of the handset and set a time that is two months back or older. After that the users can easily avoid the ban on unsigned apps and use emulators without needing to download jailbreak.

The loophole called ‘Date Trick’ does another job. It allows users to run apps that were previously unlicensed. ‘Popcorn Time’ is such an app. If you want to know how to pull ‘Date Trick’, there’s a useful instruction by Air Herald.

The instruction manual reads “You need to set your device’s date back to September 20, 2014, and then turn off WiFi, while leaving your data on. Install the app from one of the third party links and it should run smoothly.” Problem is if you pull this trick, you won’t be able to download the new iOS 8.1 update because once upgraded, the trick will expire.

So if you want to keep playing SNES games or watch movies via the ‘Popcorn Time’ app, don’t upgrade to iOS 8.1. As for those, who wish iOS 8.1 update to arrive soon, it’s not gonna happen. A Redditor called Grapplerone said iOS 8 is still buggy and the hacker community would wait until a stable version releases not only for iPhone and iPad but also for the iWatch.

The Pangu team from China indicated they are working on a jailbreak. So did Evad3rs. Evad3rs has indicated they will work around the existing loopholes and potential exploits of iOS 8.

Thus, iOS 8 users has no other way than to wait for the next jailbreak. Meanwhile, they can enjoy the loopholes discussed above.

Something is always better than nothing!