OLED and NFC display for two sizes of iWatch


Apple, this time is coming with wearable gadget -iWatch. It is said to arrive in two sizes. It is said to be coming with OLED display with curves. Health and data of fitness will also be tracked by it and it is expected to arrive with NFC. It will help you in paying for your mobile bills as informed by The Wall Street Journal. Exact features are tough to be traced about Apple smartwatch but the common features are already out in the market before its official announcement that is going to held on coming Tuesday. This upcoming gadget may be ship in 2014 only as said by a trustworthy resource but it will be Recode by the beginning of 2015.


Life saver of Battery -OLED

Earlier Apple was never in favor of OLED display as they criticize the excess saturated colors. Though this drawback works in favor of smartwatch. Certain basic features get displayed by OLED that are active that time, like in case if you want to rendezvous with time, leaving behind a black screen. In short it is going to be a complete package of battery saver.


A newbie called NFC is among Journal’s report. It is said to be short ranged and wireless communication system and is said to be associated with upcoming iPhone. The announcement of this technology somewhere indicates the strong plans of Apple towards technology. NFC is a common term for those who are familiar with the features of Android phone. Though Apple had not utilized it till now in all their iPhone but this time it is there in it and is expected to retain its position among Apple series. NFC facilitates mobile bill payment which is still under trial by many software. Apple is among the first one to opt for it and it is expected to come with a payment scheme alongside with this upcoming gadget on 9th September. It may sound strange to you that now you could your mobile bill through your watch but its true! In the coming future it is going to be a common scenerio.

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The Journal also suggests that NFC could be used to simplify the process of pairing an iWatch and an iPhone. You could enjoy diverse health sensors. Much is not known about it but heart rate sensor will surely be included in it.


There are diverse information about the size of display and none of the Journals have confirmed anything on the size as if by now. It may be in between 1.3-2.5 inches and comparatively larger than upcoming Samsung GearS.