One of iOS 8’s eye-catching features not to come to iPhone 6 until October


iOS8  beta versions have been getting available for past few months. This latest software is expected to bring numerous incredible features, and one of these eye-catching features is Apple Pay. As per the sources, this feature will be made available with software update in October. This feature will be made available to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

One of iOS 8’s eye-catching features not to come to iPhone 6 until OctoberAs per multiple sources, once OS X Yosemite gets launched by Apple, many eye-catching features, that we talk of now, will be made available to iOS 8-enabled devices. This release will be boon to Mac users in October of this year.

Apple’s users will be able to easily move between OS and OS X devices without facing any interruption between activities like sending mails, editing documents, browsing web, checking maps etc, thanks to Apple’s Handoff, or Continuity. Out of all, the most interesting one is the ability to making and receiving calls from a Mac. You can even reply or send message from the computer itself. That’s a big boon, right?

The iPhone 6 launch event, as you already know, held a few days back. All ears were eager to hear about the new device and features of iOS 8. Sadly, the latter part did not happen up to expectations. Apple was hurry when talking about iOS 8 features. Clearly, the company wanted to jump to the major announcements’ part, the part for which event was organized. Because of lack of time, the Handoff functionality was not demonstrated by Apple, so we don’t know much about this at this moment.

As per the info collected from the description pages meant for iOS 8, SMS and calls Continuity features are going to be part of this latest software in October.  Since Handoff only works between iOS 8 and Yosemite, so what the description pages list, is nothing surprising at all. With an iPad running iOS 8, you won’t be able to send SMS messages and make calls until October, at the very least.