Pangu Team Might Roll Out iOS 8 Jailbreak Before Evad3r


iOS 8 is available to end users since September 17. The jailbreak community has stayed silent during the course of the beta releases and the final release. But now when the OS is out, they’ve decided to speak out.


A statement from the jailbreak community came from China which says an iOS 8 jailbreak is currently underway. The statement has greeted those users, who were wondering when the iOS 8 jailbreak will arrive. It should be mentioned here within a month from the release of iOS 7, the jailbreak was developed. For iOS 8, the gap is even shorter.

The reason behind such a prompt response from the jailbreak community has been explained by the credible iOS news site Cult of Mac. Users are facing a dilemma that has been explained by the statement “Do you stick with your jailbroken iPhone or iPad and miss out on iOS 8’s exciting new features, or do you cave to temptation, install iOS 8, and lose your jailbreak indefinitely?” If the jailbreak community fails to reply quickly, the dilemma will intensify.

The jailbroken iOS devices run iOS 7.1.2. If there’s no assurance from the jailbreak community regarding a quick release of iOS 8 jailbreak, users might drop the idea of downloading and installing iOS 8 altogether because if they download and install the update, the jailbreak will be gone. That’s why, iOS users are having their fingers crossed for iOS 8 jailbreak.

Pangu team, a famous jailbreak community informed users about the new jailbreak via Chinese website A site called advises users to stick with iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak until iOS 8 jailbreak shows up. They remind users that if they move to iOS 8, it might be a one-way trip because “there might not be a jailbreak available for iOS 8 for a long time. You will not be able to downgrade or restore to iOS 7 after upgrading to iOS 8.”

iOS 8 has released with robust security arrangements. Besides, Apple has fixed a number of issues during the beta release phase. Some analysts believe the fixing has made it difficult for the jailbreakers team to come with an escapement. However, as Pangu team has signaled the coming of a jailbreak, we could expect them to stand by their promise.

There’s no update from Evad3r, which is another jailbreak community. is their official website. Their homepage is currently showing download link to iOS 7.0.x jailbreak. We could only hope the Evad3r team is silently working on the jailbreak; if not, Pangu team will probably come with it ahead of them.

On September 12, Evad3r tweeted from the id @MuscleNerd “The funnest part of major iOS release days is reading all the fixed CVEs and knowing there will always be more holes.” The tweet sounds like Evad3r believes it could come up with a jailbreak, but there’s no indication of when that’s going to happen.

We therefore, could only wait and hope a jailbreak will soon land. The wisest thing for all jailbreak lovers will be not to download and install the update, rather put their faith on Pangu and Evad3r team that they’ll succeed in dishing out a jailbreak soon.