Quick Comparison of the Improvements of iOS 8 from iOS 7


The mighty update from Apple already landed on WWDC couple of days before. We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors encircling around it and most of them proved to be true. But, the actual unveiling of iOS 8 in accordance with Tim Cook’s presentation ragged a lot of trails behind the iOS 7. So, what’s new in the new update from Apple? We’ll discuss the new updates and the overlooked trails of iOS 7.


1.  Improved Keyboard

Apple implemented a simple design of iPhone’s keyboard from the very beginning and it never evolved in a certain way. Many users stuck with these old-grown keyboard layout and they used lots of other options as well. Up until now Apple always overlooked this matter. Now, they’ve implemented the request of the users and enabled ‘QuickType’ option. It offers two distinctive word predictions (casual & formal) depending on whom are you chatting with. On the other hand, the new keyboard will have the answers of any question readily available if someone asks you anything. Now, you can use 3rd party keyboard apps as well.

  2.  Top-Notch Security

In order to restrict accidental data-loss and low-level security against potential threats, MDM tools are improved so that the Admin can prevent wiping the device accidentally. It’ll also put more restrictions on apps that open iCloud Drive or Safari.

  3.  Enhanced Search Options

Spotlight has been blessed with new features to fix all of your search problems under a roof. Now, you’ll be able to find your apps, search web from difference sources. Plus, you’ll be able to search for locations and view them in Maps.

4.   Interactive Notifications

Finally Apple added the feature through which you can work with your notifications without going to that certain app. Suppose, you’re writing an email and a whatsapp message pops-in. You can reply that message without leaving writing the email. You can also work it out from the lock-screen as well.

5.  Health & Fitness

This was the biggest change that we’ve seen from iOS 7. People will bless Apple for bringing a built-in app to track down their health and fitness with their iPhones. We’ll discuss more about the detailed features of this native app of iOS 8 later on.

6.  Browser Update (Safari)

Apple has made all the possible arrangements to make the native web-browser Safari look more de-cluttered. The new Safari is faster and interactive features have taken the place of boredom.

7.   Continuity Feature

This is another massive feature which we probably missed from our rumors and leaks. It offers a great feature to combine all of your Apple devices and work like one. Suppose you were writing an email on your iPad but suddenly you had to leave it out to use your iPhone for some reason. You can finish off your email from your iPhone from the point where you left in iPad.

There’re also few other changes but another great thing that Apple did is to deny its throne to Dropbox. They’ve iCloud of their own and they’ve put good use to it by providing an iCloud Drive. Keep tuned with us to know more about iOS 8.