Why It’s Recommended to Download and Install iOS 8 After Some Time


There’s only few hours left before the release of iOS 8. As we already know, iOS 8 will be the hub for mind-boggling apps, we are quite enthusiastic about downloading and installing iOS 8 on our iPhones and iPads.

Why It’s Recommended to Download and Install iOS 8 After Some Time

But before we download, there are few things to consider;

Not all apps are ready yet

That’s true, even though app developers have had enough time to build exciting new apps and rework on already existing apps, so they run smoothly on the latest OS, not all apps are ready.

You may come across apps which ran seamlessly on iOS 7 but has problems running on iOS 8. Some apps could even be non-downloadable. Apple normally approves every app before it is uploaded on the App Store. Since iOS 8 apps are brand new, Apple may take time to approve them to enter into the app store.

Buggy apps

No matter how immaculately a developer builds an app, there will always be bugs. Currently the apps that are specifically optimized for iOS 8, are being tested by beta testers. Upon being available to end users, a lot of bugs will be found in them.

It may take time for developers to steer those apps clear from bugs. That’s why it’s recommended for users not to upgrade on the very first day. If they wait for few weeks or few months, the flaws may be ironed out by then guaranteeing smooth user-experience.

Older devices may be incompatible

We know what you are gonna say, Apple has promised the update for all iOS run devices except iPhone 4; so nothing to worry even if you own an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S.

Albeit older devices may support iOS 8, the user experience might be glitchy. If you are using iPhone 6 for example, which has A8 SoC chip, 128GB memory and better storage, you can take the risk of upgrading to iOS 8. But an older device may be slow at times, resulting a frustrating experience for users.

Problem with support

iOS 8 comes with a slew of enterprise related features. Some of those features are strong passcodes, roaming policies, VIP message threads and government-grade encryption standards. However, not everyone in the corporate sector is allowed to upgrade to a new version. The IT administrator needs to approve it.

Problem is the IT department won’t allow the upgrade if it involves bugs. You may be instructed by the IT department to wait for a more stable version.

Jailbreak gone

iOS device users often jailbreak the OS. They do it for installing third party apps and system tweaks. Since many iOS 7 users have jailbroken their devices, if they upgrade, the jailbreak along with all fancy third party apps will be killed. Next, they’ll have to wait till another jailbreak lands. Apple is very serious about identifying exploits and patching them, so it might take time for jailbreakers to release iOS 8 jailbreak.

Problem with downgrading

Once iOS 8 is installed on your device, there’ll be no going back. If you really want to downgrade on a later date, better save “blobs” and other files before you upgrade.

Downgrading may still be a problem for you. Apple has been making it difficult to downgrade of late. Even if you have some files saved, third party apps may still be required and you won’t get any support from Apple because the process isn’t approved. If you can fix everything then it’s good. Otherwise, you will be screwed.

The considerations discussed above all point at one thing; do not download and install iOS 8 now. Wait for sometimes, a month or so at least and then download it.