Reddit User Releases iOS 8 Untethered Jailbreak by Reverse Engineering Pangu Jailbreak


The hacker community has brought good news for iOS Jailbreak users. Before the official release of iOS 8 Gold Master, a Reddit user has created an untethered iOS 8 Jailbreak.

The user goes by the name of w0rldello. What he did basically, was reverse engineering the existing Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x.


A detailed report on this has been published on iPhone Hacks. Before we go deep, let’s introduce the (in)famous Pangu update to those readers who aren’t clued up. Pangu is a tool for Jailbreaking. The tool was developed by Chinese hacker community. The iPhones and iPads that were jailbroken by Pangu were running iOS 7.1.x. Since iOS 8 release is just around the corner, the tool was reverse engineered to fit iOS 8.

In the past, some has claimed to reverse engineer Pangu. But most of those claims were not backed by a telling evidence. This time, the Redditor has posted screenshots of the changed iOS 8 Control Center. The screenshot shows a number of icons and a Pangu symbol on the top.

w0rldello posted another screenshot to make his claim appear more convincing. The screenshot show Pangu Mac app that displays iPhone 5S running iOS 8. The Redditor reported there are unpatched vulnerabilities in Pangu 1.2.x. To achieve iOS 8 Jailbreak, he took advantage of those vulnerabilities. Earlier, there were vulnerabilities in Pangu 1.0.x, but Apple later patched them.

iOS 7.1.x untethered Jailbreak found to have issues. Users reported after the installation of Pangu Jailbreak, apps started to disappear from the Home Screen. The reason was unknown initially. Then a Reddit user claimed the issue was due to improper loading of the file. Removal of some Jailbreak tweaks could solve the issue.

So far, five iOS 8 beta were released. After the release of the second beta, BlackGeek, the developer of GeekSn0w indicated he will release an unofficial Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8 which will work with iOS 8 beta 1 and beta 2. However, obtaining permission from the official Pangu team was a challenge for him.

BlackGeek made it clear that his intention is not to copy the original source. Instead, he wanted to use the same exploits that Pangu team used. But hackers normally don’t release a jailbreak for beta versions because Apple may patch the exploit before the final release.

The fact that Apple hasn’t patched a number of exploits that Pangu team has used in the past, encourages wannabe hackers. Pangu team uses the exploits of a security researcher name Stefan Essar for untethered iOS 7.1.-7.1.1. BlackGeek was hoping to use exploits of jailbreak v1.1.0.

We’re not sure as to whether or not Apple patched the explouts of Jailbreak 1.1.0 and w0rldello is referring to new vulnerabilities. This inevitably gives rise to the apprehension that security exploits will be found in iOS 8 GM version as well.

As for the jailbreakers, good news is on the cards because iOS 8 has jailbreak only features like widgets and custom keyboards.

[via reddit]