Rumors Suggest Apple will Release iOS Gold Master Version on September 10


One of this year’s biggest surprises is iOS 8. Apple has already released five beta versions of iOS 8. The Gold Master version is slated to be released in September.


There’s however a dispute regarding the date of release. In one of our previous posts, we acknowledged sources that claim the release date of iOS 8 will be September 10. They backed this claim with a telling explanation. Apple kept a gap of 100 days between the iOS 6 beta version and the final release in 2012 and iOS 7 beta version and the final release in 2013.

If the same pattern is repeated in this year, iOS 8 will see the light of the day on September 10. If it really turns out to be the case, Apple users should brace themselves because the new iOS is not even an away from a month’s time. But the claims are either speculations or rumors. Shouldn’t we take them with a pinch of salt?

We shouldn’t because some reputed sources are claiming the Cupertino based tech giant will launch the new iOS on the second Wednesday of September. So far the developer versions we had for download are not stable enough. The GM version will be a stable one. Users will be able to download and install the upcoming version on their handsets without facing any difficulty.

For downloading the iOS 8 file, users need to wait for another week or so. Apple announced iOS 8 firmware at WWDC in June. Several features, both hidden and open, were announced in iOS 8. The announced features were to offer users an enthralling experience. Apple were hoping for something big with iOS 8. Something like Android users moving to iOS. Only time could tell how far Apple will go with this plan.

It was good on Apple’s part to continuously release iOS 8 beta versions. When the first beta was released, it had a number of issues. The second beta fixed many of them but was the victim of freezing problem. By the time of the fifth beta release, most bug fixes were done barring only a few. The Business Map feature was announced in iOS 8 beta 5. All through the beta release cycle, many exciting features were introduced by Apple.

A number of new features will be added to iOS 8 by the new updates. One of these features is Wi-Fi calling for T-Mobile users. Another is an enhanced version of Siri which is integrated with a music recognition system. The importance of cloud is increasing both for desktop and mobile devices. iOS 8 will come better cloud storage, advanced Spotlight and searching. Time-Lapse video that enables sequences of images to be turned to a full length video is another cap in iOS 8’s feather. The iMessage will get new features such as Snapchat and Location Sharing.
All in all, it’s difficult for users to wait for even one week. Since Apple is tight-lipped, they cannot take any of the ongoing rumors seriously. If indeed iOS 11 releases on September 10, that will really be exciting for Apple users.


  1. waiting from a long time for ios8 final public release .
    so kindly tell when apple’s biggest ios 8 final release coming for public .