Seven Essentially Helpful App Extensions iOS 8 Needs


We already know iOS 8 will be rich in apps. What many of us probably don’t know is that the upcoming OS will bring a multitude of Extensions. Before delving deep we need to explain to our readers what Extensions really are.


Extensions are mini versions of app and run inside other apps. If for example your iPhone has a web clipper app installed, you could open the Extension at the time of running the mail app, highlight the snippet of the mail and save it on the Extension.

iOS users have so far been deprived of app Extensions while Windows and Android users have enjoyed them. But the wait is over now because iOS 8 will reportedly be a hub of Extensions. Users perhaps have already used Apple’s Extensions because the mail sheet rolling down inside another application or built-in social sharing button are all Extensions.

We don’t know what Extensions iOS 8 will bring around. But there’s no harm in speculating. The Extensions that users would prefer to see in iOS 8 are;


If your bookmark list is too long and you want to save webpages elsewhere, there’s no better place than your Evernote account. Evernote web clippers run in the background and allow users to save links to their account. On iOS 8 it will be simpler as users would be able to open up Evernote import box and clip content of various formats without having to leave the app.

Multiple Clipboards

Mac users can copy as many items as they want with the use of ⌘-C and pop open items with a keystroke. iOS however doesn’t have clipboard buffer. iOS 8 will provide users with multiple clipboards. This will be highly useful because users would be able to copy username and password from one clipboard and then switch to another another clipboard that is a webpage and put in the id and password. Further, the clipboard feature will have system-wide keyboard replacements so users could have the clipboard buffer just with a keystroke.


The benefit of TextTool is that it rounds up one string of letters to other string of letters. It can perform more complex operations like converting text to HTML code and turn any word in a sentence into a block letter. If users get the chance of using TextTool while using any app, it would be a plus.


The 1Password team has already developed an Extension for iOS 8. This is the only confirmed Extension. Login will be especially helpful for users because they’d be able to access the password collection in 1Password and automatically fill in the login input boxes of any app using TouchID. This will save time and ease the login process.


The Drafts app lets users open blank text file, type in anything and send off to other apps. A Drafts Extension be like sending snippets of text to the app. Users would be able to list useful things in this way.


If Reminders Extension comes with iOS 8, users will be able to turn anything into a reminder or an event. It could even be a sentence or clippers from other apps. If Apple indeed brings this Extension, users will be happy.

New Keyboard

There are better quality keyboards in apps like Write for iPad. The app called Write for iPad adds virtual ‘mouse’ controllers and arrow keys to move the cursor. The Extension could be really helpful because users will enjoy more control over how they’ll write when they’ll use an app.
The seven Extensions discussed above could make iOS 8 surfing experience a fantastic one. We just need to wait for couple of weeks to see ourselves how many of the aforesaid Extensions make their way to iOS 8.