Siri Expected To Become Smarter in iOS 8


The tech world has been tipped lately by the most well informed reporters that iOS 8 is going to come with an improvised Siri that is going to add much more dynamism to this app. The reporters of ‘The Information’ have reported that the top notch of Apple has decided to open the Siri app to the third party application developers and service providers so that these developers can add their own sites link to Siri and thereby making it useful. Presently, Siri do not the ability to take orders from the users, but opening it up to third party developers will open up such possibility.

siri web

The tech geeks are also of the opinion that Siri will be modified along the line so that it can smart choices on its own accord. For example, Siri will automatically turn on the Healthbook app, if it sees that the iDevice user is up for his daily workout session. The ultimate objective of the developers is to create an anticipatory app like ‘Her’, but in a different niche. We are extremely hopeful about this modified and intelligent version of Siri as the modified personal assistant Siri will make life easy for the iPhone users.

iOS 8 is also rumoured to have come with another awesome feature i.e. the Healthbook app that will constantly keep a check on the vital statistics of the users like blood pressure, blood sugar level, hydration level and heart rate as well. This app is expected to be synced with Apple’s Calendar and Reminder app so that the users can be updated about their medicines or check-up dates.

Therefore, the next generation Apple gadgets, especially the iWatch will be integrated with hardware that will be track the vital statistics of the users. The rumours about the rumoured Healthbook app have become stronger since we have been confirmed about the meeting between the FDA officials and Apple’s top official like Jeff Williams, Bud Tribble, Michael O’Reilly and Tim Powderly to talk about the medical app.

The iOS 8 is expected to be coming up with a lot of other modifications like option for opening multiple accounts in a gadget, making switching over from one to another app easier, better battery and a lot more. If Apple follows it traditional schedule, then in WWDC 2014 iOS 8’s curtain will be raised and as soon as we get to hear more we will keep updating the readers.