SwiftKey to Launch a Premium Version with Useful Features for iOS 8


We’ve mostly talked about those iOS 8 features that are being developed by Apple’s developer team. There are however, third party apps galore.

iOS 8 makes it fairly easy to add third party keyboards. When Apple hosted the media event on September 9, details of the third party keyboards haven’t been provided. But sources claimed third parties are to come up with a functioning model.

swiftkey-ios 8 keyboard

One such third party keyboard is SwiftKey. On Google Play, it is one of the most popular apps. Some background details of SwiftKey may come in handy for our readers.

It was reported back in June that SwiftKey is getting ready for iOS 8. SwiftKey started its journey as an Android app. Its premium version was available at $4. Later it was made totally free of charge. New Android users were lucky enough to use the app for free, while those who paid for the app got a $5 theme ten-pack absolutely free. It was the same month (June) when a SwiftKey update took place with 30 new themes and more than 800 emoji.

If current rumors are to be believed, SwiftKey is almost ready for beta testing. We don’t know how long it will take for the app to be completely ready for iOS 8 or how many people the app will initially open to. What we do know is what the keyboard app is capable of.

The swipe gestures is the most fascinating feature of SwiftKey for iOS 8. Some of the Android apps that resemble SwiftKey are Swype, Sense, etc. The keyboard is virtual and the app lets users drift their finger across the screen from one letter to another letter. The keyboard shows users the words before they appear on the screen. The app can very quickly learn from the way a user types and predict what the user is going to say with increased accuracy. However, you need to keep using the app to enable it to predict words.

The app functions like artificial intelligence. Since it learns by observing and following a user’s typing history, giving it access to your social feeds will help the app learn even better. SwiftKey for iOS 8 comes with Cloud interface. If you login to your Gmail or Facebook account, the app will get a better insight on how you type and what are the most common words used by you. Based on that it will show you suggestions.

SwiftKey hasn’t disclosed when the iOS 8 app will be available for users. The price of the app in the Apple Store is also undisclosed. We can expect those details to come out once the company is done with beta testing. What we do know is the keyboard will be available in different languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.

Despite so many praises, there are flip sides of SwiftKey. Android users complained adverts keep popping up whenever they open the keyboard. However, the iOS version won’t be free, and so there will be less number of ads.

For now we need to wait till the final version of iOS 8 SwiftKey releases. If anything new happens, we’ll let you know.


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