TaiG Team Reveals itself and Confirms Jailbreak for iOS 8.2 will be Rolled Out


Releasing iOS jailbreak remained a monopoly for Pangu and Evad3rs until the lesser known TaiG has put in appearance. Last month, just few days after iOS 8.1.2 was rolled out by Apple, TaiG surprised everyone by releasing its jailbreak.

ios 8.2 jailbrak

You can read in details how Windows and Mac users could download the iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak. TaiG doesn’t seem to be done after releasing the jailbreak. As new reports on iOS 8.2 are getting stacked up, the Chinese team of jailbreakers claimed they’d launch a jailbreak as soon as the new iOS update arrives.

Reports indicate three beta versions of iOS 8.2 have so far been released for the developers. That means we’d get our hands on the update shortly. There’s no indication over how many beta releases will follow the third one; had we known this, we could have made a credible prediction about the release of iOS 8.2.

But that’s not really important at this moment because 8.1.2 came with scores of much-needed bug fixes and we are comfortable using it. In this article, we are going to discuss TaiG. Earlier, we knew they are a team of Chinese hackers but the recent interview of TaiG, taken by iDownloadblog reveals that TaiG is run by only one developer, whose alias is XN. The word “TaiG” has an interesting etymological origin. It came from the Chinese word “Taji” that sounds like Taig.

The developer said in the interview that he’s not motivated to make money. His aim is to provide freedom to iOS users, a noble thought but he needs to hide his whereabouts to continue providing the type of freedom that he described. XN claimed the jailbreak that he released earlier wasn’t for any financial benefit, and he currently doesn’t have any plan to earn money through his skills.

One thing he said will comfort iOS users. He rubbished the claim that his jailbreak is unsafe. The tool according to him is very safe; in fact he wants to establish himself as a reputed brand whom users would trust.

Pangu, a famous jailbreak team operates out of China. When XN was asked whether he has any working tie with Pangu, he promptly replied he isn’t affiliated by Pangu but he looks forward to work with it. More so, XN indicated TaiG won’t be limited to iOS in future. When the interviewer asked whether he plans to release a jailbreak for Mac OS X, XN said he does have such a plan but it’s difficult for him to execute it as his team is currently running short of expert developers.

The interviewer struck up an interesting topic and the reply from XN was even more interesting. XN was asked to reveal the details of the deal that took place between him and Evad3rs last year when Evasion7 was released. XN admitted he had working relationships with Evad3rs but he said it was sort of a cooperation and it ended due to some reasons.

XN informed he’s currently busy preparing for a worldwide jailbreak developer meeting, which will be held in China in January 16th of this year. Jailbreakers from all parts of the world have been asked to participate in that event. If you are one, then start tying your shoelaces now.