Tim Cook hints at iWatch, says iOS 8 voice messaging a key feature

ios 8 Voice Messages

Let’s stop talking about the rumors and drop light on the official words. In this category, the latest is report by an analyst that cites Apple CEO Tim Cook’s words that claim possible inclusion of voice messaging in long rumored iWatch. The report believes that since the iWatch is Apple’s wearable watch, so this voice messaging technique is ‘ideal’ for it.

ios 8 Voice Messages

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A research note was issued last Wednesday, in which UBS analyst Steven Milunovich has described the meeting with Apple’s Tim Cook. In the explanation, it has been said that Tim is quite interested in Chinese-style voice messaging technique that would allow users to send messages with ease, and would let them dictate the messages to the phones before doing so. Such feature in wearable tech like iWatch will surely please users, claim experts.

Milunovich words are:

When we visited with Tim Cook, he said that walking down streets in China one sees people speaking into their phones sending voice rather than text messages. It also could aid penetration of China, which Cook said has a ways to go.

iOS 7 has impressive speech-to-text dictation feature, which has been praised by every user; but still, it lacks voice messaging functionality. Users who wish to use this feature, are contending themselves by using third-party apps like Facebook Messenger.

In the Messages app of iOS 8, Apple is likely to include the voice-messaging technology. So, by offering good alternate to text-based input, Apple is looking forward to please its fans. Single tap-and-hold gesture is there in the current beta version of upcoming Apple’s mobile OS, which allows users to record a voice message, and after doing that, let them use swiping to either send or cancel the message. This method will be really helpful in the small-screened device, like upcoming iWatch.

apple iwatch

In the meeting described by Milunovich, it’s been written that Cook did not take the name of iWatch particularly. The analyst believes that voice messaging is going to be key feature in the upcoming mobile OS by Apple. With it, users will be able to perform couple of simple gestures and to talk to the device with more accuracy than ever before.

If the rumors are to be followed, iWatch will be hitting the stores in October, this year. Since the rumors about the release date have surfaced, other rumors about features have caught a fire. The Apple-tagged wearable tech is likely to pack more than ten sensors making it capable of various health-related metrics and detecting movement. A new type of wireless charging may be interesting thing to see in iWatch, as it’s rumored to come up with slightly rectangular display.