Twitter Upgrade for iOS 8 Comes With Push Notification and Profile Redesign

ios 8 twitter

Social networks are facing a lot of peer pressure these days. One social network that’s constantly searching for ways to upgrade itself is Twitter. In April this year the microblogging network changed its design to look more like Facebook.

ios 8 twitter

That wasn’t the real surprise. The ace card was kept by Twitter hidden inside its sleeve, only to produce after the public release of iOS 8. iOS 8 was released for end users on Wednesday, and on Thursday Twitter launched a new update for iOS 8.

Before we dig deep, let’s have a quick look at the Twitter update. The new update has the version number 6.13.3. It includes some new features. Those features are;

  • Revamped design for A new design for a profile featuring a user’s bio, tweets and posts.
  • Interactive notifications that allow users to tweet and at the same time use other apps.
  • Seamless access to the saved drafts while tweeting.

Twitter’s new design was was considered image-heavy by analysts. After the profile overhaul, Twitter looked almost like Facebook. However, Facebook and Twitter profiles on iOS 8 will look different. This is something that we should appreciate.

The new Twitter profile shows a profile pic and a bio in a white background. The new profile design is not fully optimized for Smartphone screens. To see the bio a user need to swipe right. Those who are new to Twitter and not familiar with this trick, may not see the bio at all.

Checking out someone’s else’s bio is a lot easier and you can navigate in a very quick manner. As a matter of fact, the navigation in the app is faster than that in the web. Once you view a user’s profile, you can go through their tweets, photos and favorites.

The good thing about viewing other people’s profiles is that everything is either in the front or in the center. You don’t have to swipe to the right or left direction to see buried items. So all parts of the profile is accessible for you. The makeover is pretty impressive.

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The profile redesign has been described by Twitter as its “biggest update to profiles to date,” even though the redesign could have been more radical. Twitter earlier hired Daniel Graf, the former Google Maps director to lead the production team of Twitter. The profile redesign is the first major change since then.

One interesting feature that the new update brings around is the push notification. The feature was the talk of the town couple of months ago. On September 18, Twitter said “We’re also adding support for interactive push notifications if you have updated to iOS 8.” Interestingly, the push notification is not even available on Android.

The notification can be seen at the bottom of the screen, right beside ‘Timelines’. It has the icon of a ringing bell. The advantage of the notification center is that you can retweet, follow and favorite without even needing to open the app.

The update will be available to users whose device runs iOS 7 or higher iOS version.