How to Upgrade to iOS 8 Full Version From a Beta Version


Apple is probably having the last minute discussion with its iOS 8 developers team as we write this article. The public release of iOS 8 is now only a matter of few hours.

How to Upgrade to iOS 8 Full Version From a Beta Version

Before today’s official release, five beta versions of iOS 8 have been out. If you own an iPhone and stay updated, odds are high you’ve already downloaded and installed an iOS 8 beta. Going public from the beta version is a bit messy. But that’s why we are here; to help you fix your iOS 8 related problems. So relax and read on.

First thing to bear in mind. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNGRADE.

That’s right! Many iOS users make this mistake. Before upgrading to the latest version, they downgrade to the previous version. In this case, the previous version is iOS 7. Just keep in mind if you are using one of the iOS 8 beta versions or the GM version, you can manually upgrade to the full version of iOS 8 without having to downgrade.

If you are using the GM version, you can defer the upgrade because the GM version has just about anything the full version has. The GM version is almost perfect, the full version is perfect; that’s the difference. Also, the full version is more stable.

But if your device runs one of the five betas, you need to upgrade as soon as you could. If you follow our tutorial, you can upgrade to iOS 8 full version from the beta version without much issues. You can even bypass a time-consuming upgrade and make the process quick and hassle free.

You need a Mac computer with iTunes and a charging cable to begin with. Problem is you can’t start till iOS 8 releases. So keep yourself updated and the moment you hear about iOS 8 release, find the official iOS 8 download for your iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). Since different iOS 8 updates will arrive for different devices, you need to select the right device for the update. If you are an iOS developer, you have the advantage as you can download the update from the official Developer Center of Apple.

If your device runs a GM version of iOS 8 (free or paid), you can find the iOS 8 updates on IMZDL website. IMZDL is not the only website; there are some other websites from where you can download the update. Download the iOS 8 official release from the website aka the .ipsw file. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and open iTunes.

Before starting the download process, take a backup of all your important files. After opening iTunes, click on the iPhone option from the top right. There should be two options; “Check for Upgrade” and “Restore iPad”. Hold ‘alt’ option and then click on “Check for Update”. Then find the .ipsw file and click on ‘Open’. Wait for 15 minutes. The download will be complete once it is approved by Apple’s server.

Remember, beta versions may expire and so using one isn’t safe. But at the same time, you’ll want to wait as it is not recommended to upgrade quickly after the official release. So the best thing you could do is upgrading to the GM version from a beta version, then wait for few days and then upgrade to the full version of iOS 8.