Upgraded Dropbox Rolls Out for iOS 8 Users with Exciting New Features


iOS 8 brings with it buckets of new features. One of them allows developers to create a custom widget in the Notification Center. This feature will serve iOS 8 users significantly because developers will come up with enhanced versions of popular apps.


As we’ve stated earlier, developers on a row are either making new apps or updating existing apps for iOS 8. Dropbox, the cloud based file sharing app has recently brought in an upgrade for iOS 8. The upgrade includes a widget for Notification Center. The widget gives quick overview of all the files and recent changes.

The overview thing is not the only new thing, there are other features which make it hassle-free and less cumbersome to manage folders, control permissions for end users and connect to Dropbox from another app. Control over permission for users however, comes with Dropbox Pro or Dropbox for Business.

The upgrade beckons that Dropbox can be added now to iOS 8 Notification Center. This will enable you to have a quick glimpse of your most important files. The file could be associated with your professional life or with your personal life, if it’s important to you, you can have sneak peak. If you have only business or only personal files, you’ll see a unique list, not three distinct tabs.

The widget lets users to track files that are newly added. It also allows them to change details of the file. The file could be renamed and made editable. If the user taps on the file name, Dropbox will launch without having to first locate the app on your device.

There are other changes that should be mentioned. One change is the Shared Folders, involved by new app. A user can create and manage the Dropbox app on the go on any iOS run device. This is not an addition of a new feature. It’s rather a feature that iOS users have been demanding for a long time and with iOS 8 Apple has granted their request.

The action menu on iOS 8 Dropbox update serves two very important purposes. First, it allows users to send others a link to a folder. Secondly, it allows users to invite people to get access to the folder. Both tasks are very useful.

Since iOS 8 has come with app extensions, users are able to import files from other iOS apps and even export files to them, given the app in question supports Storage Provider App Extensions functionality of Apple. Users need to tap on the ellipsis icon which is located on the top of file list. Then they need to select ‘More’ and find ‘Manage Storage Providers.’ Under this menu, they’d find Dropbox as an option and need to toggle on or off.

Question is can business people make use of the Dropbox update for iOS 8? Answer is yes. All Business or Pro users have the ability to set and manage read only permissions for folders that are shared. Users can do that via the updated Dropbox app and retain control over what they want to share.

The features discussed above make the updated Dropbox a resourceful app. We hope iOS 8 users will find the application aptly convenient to use.