Users have Considered Time Lapse! App Better than iOS 8 Camera App


Time lapse photography is something that could fascinate anyone. The idea behind this new type of photography is quite enthralling. In this article, we’re going to discuss time lapse photography in details and compare it to iOS 8 camera app as we know the camera app already has time lapse function.


The first thing we need to discuss is what time lapse photography actually stands for. Suppose you capture a particular still image few times and then apply the speed-up effect. The effect will run one shot after another very quickly and make it look like a video. The scope of creative use of time lapse photography is pretty much unrestricted. In fact, there are movies that were made by the use of this technique.

The camera app in iOS 8 consists of some cool features. Time lapse is one of them. The Time Lapse! is a new application that is available on the iTunes app store. The application allows users set interval. They can see a screen with the heading Choose Interval. Users have to choose the interval from a list. There can be interval of 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 40 seconds and 60 seconds.

It is recommended to set interval time as 3 or 5 seconds if you are capturing traffic or fast-moving weather. 20-40 second interval is ideal to capture still images of stars, growth of a plant or construction of a building. Another advantage of using the app is that it offers a real-time preview. When a user shoots something, the app stays functional and shows users whatever they’ve captured. The images will be displayed with appropriate resolution.

The app was downloaded by a user. He used it while driving home. He was very impressed with the results. He placed the iPhone facing the front side so it could get a clear view of the road. The recording was pretty amazing. The user however noticed if repeated use of flash could drain the battery fast.

The question is whether Time Lapse! is superior than iOS 8 camera app. Its problems are lack flash support from Apple and no viable way to regulate the interval of exposure. The default rate is 10 seconds and users will be stuck at that. The start-stop control is another of its problems. When the feature is running, the button appears in black and red when it is stopped.

There are other options available to users like Time Lapse Camera, which comes free but with adverts. Lapse It is another option. It has a pro and a premium version. The paid version costs $2. Lapse It has some great features like screen dimming, editing tools and white balance.

On the iOS platform, time lapse will be a huge hit. It will be a very helpful tool for photographers. Only problem is with Apple version as other applications could offer more flexibility to users. One plus point is ease of use. Once the interval time is set, a user just needs to click to start the application and then click again to stop.

is going to be big when it hits iOS. As usual, the Apple version is pretty simple and may suit most photographers, but other apps give you more flexibility and the chance at a better outcome. It’s easy to use. Once you fix your exposure time it’s just a click to get started and another click to stop.

As the app requires iOS 7 or higher version, iOS 8 users will have a really great time with it.