Watch Live Coverage of Apple Event, Live Updates on iPhone 6 and iOS 8


Are you ready for Apple’s Big Day? We are!

In fact, we are so geared up that we have our eyes fixed on the clock and are waiting for that moment to arrive with bated breath.   Apple’s big day is here and it has chosen the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts as the venue. Yes, the same venue where Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh in 1984 and then, his comeback product iMac, in the year 1998. After a non-eventful year of mere updates and revival of the old devices, this has to be huge. This time, the Californian OEM has erected a 3-story structure for the event.


Despite the shrouding mystery over the event, the rumor mills are at all-time high. It is to be noted that after the death of Steve Jobs, this is going to be the first product line-up under the dynasty of Tim Cook and the stakes are high for him too. With this event, he can either prove the critics right, who think that company does not have much going on after Steve Jobs or absolutely wrong by offering brilliant products we could not thought about the existence of!

Meanwhile, here is the quick lowdown on what you can expect from the event.

The iPhone 6

Apple has always been a game changer. The company has never known to be a stickler to the rules. It has not created gadgets but the urge that we need them. Otherwise, we would have been happier with a Nokia or Samsung. This time, the iPhone 6 is supposed to be a bit larger and expected to be a rounded aluminum beauty with a scratch-proof sapphire coated glass. The phone can continue to disappoint with just 1 GB RAM. Latest chip on the block, Apple A8 is also expected to be onboard. The other rumor that needs to be covered here is the NFC enabled mobile payment system which could be rolled out for every iPhone since the 4S model. The size also remains highly speculative as the rumors suggest that a 5.5 inch phone, christened as ‘iPhone L’ could also be introduced at the event. Since the newly launched flagship Apple iPhones are released the second Friday after the announcement, you may need to wait till September 19th to hold it in your hands.

The iWatch / iBand

To be or not to be, this is quite the case with much-awaited wearable gadget of the company. Though, Apple has not confirmed as much as the mere presence of it but it has not denied it either. Despite the big launches of iOS 8 and iPhone 6, the iWatch is commanding the attention of geeks and critics alike. It is said to be laced with several fitness sensors, health app in iOS 8 and HealthKit, making it a must-have device for fitness freak. If the launch happens at all, this can fill the functionality void of wearable devices.

The iOS 8

Developers had the chance to try iOS 8 in June and thanks to their inputs, we can see the finished and final version in this event. The software update will be rolled out for public next week which can open a sea of new features for them. There is a feature called Continuity which enables people to carry their tasks from an iPhone or iPad to Mac desktop. There is also a predictive keyboard going by the name of QuickType letting the third party keyboard open for iOS. Apart from these, you get file browser for iCloud, paid unlimited data storage in cloud, group messaging and Health app that tracks health data for you and is also expected to be closely integrated with the iWatch.

Apart from this, there could be buzz regarding the ambitious cloud initiatives of the company, HealthKit and HomeKit. We are also expecting something on Mac and iPads. In a couple of hours from now, we will have the updates rolling in. Till then, keep watching this space for more.