How to Watch Live Streaming of Apple’s WWDC 2014 Event


Only a couple of hours left; after that key people from Apple will inaugurate 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. A lot of surprises are waiting to be unveiled at the WWDC. One of them is the highly anticipated iOS 8. The conference will also showcase or at least give hints of Apple’s future line of products such as iPhone 6, iPad Pro and iWatch.


The keynote presentation will be heralded by CEO Tim Cook. The main announcements, as everyone expects, will be the new OS X 10.10 software for Mac and iOS 8 for iPhone. Apple users are hyper excited about the event. They just can’t wait for it. Many of them are disappointed for not being able to catch the live streaming from Moscone Center.

To their surprise however, they can watch the live streaming.

To watch the live streaming, they need an Apple device. The device must run 10.6 or higher version of OS X. The video will run on Safari browser. The browser version must be Safari 4.0 or above. In case you are outside and can’t get home any time soon to switch on your Mac computer, you could watch the live streaming on your iOS device like iPhone or iPad. Just make sure you have iOS 4.2 or above version. If you have Apple TV you can watch the keynote presentation. Apple TV’s operating system is OS X based. You just need a second generation or third generation software with 5.0.2 or higher version.

To view the live streaming of the event, you need to click Here

Once you land on the website, you’ll see all instructions are on the site itself. At the bottom of the website, you could find a very small logo of Apple and beside the logo, a menu called ‘Apple Events’. Just you click on the menu and you’ll go to the page where videos of previous WWDC events are stored.

There’s another menu beside Apple Events called ‘Apple Special Event June 2014’. The menu is not clickable. But in all likelihood, when the keynote presentation will start, the menu will become clickable and you could view the event by clicking on it.

For your convenience, we’ve listed up the timings of the show. See the timings below;

  • San Francisco – 10am (Monday)
  • New York – 1pm (Monday)
  • London – 6pm (Monday)
  • Amsterdam – 7pm (Monday)
  • Johannesburg – 8pm (Monday)
  • Bangkok – 1am (Tuesday)
  • Hong Kong – 2am (Tuesday)
  • Seoul – 3am (Tuesday)
  • Sydney – 5am (Tuesday)

The 2014 WWDC could be different from the erstwhile ones as Apple is expected to introduce health and fitness apps and wearable devices. The much hyped iOS 8 is strongly expected to pack a standalone health app called Healthbook. We have very limited information on it. The app will be fully revealed at the WWDC.
So just a few hours, and then we’ll get to know everything about future’s line of products and the new iOS version.