Will Apple Showcase iWatch Alongside iPhone 6 On September 9?


The whole world is waiting for the release of two of Apple’s most hyped products of this year: iOS 8 and iPhone 6. But Apple doesn’t seem to limit its generosity. New reports claim the rumored iWatch will be unveiled by Apple on September 9 alongside iPhone 6.

Will Apple Showcase iWatch Alongside iPhone 6 On September 9

The report came from John Paczkowski or Re/code. The device was identified by him as the ‘new wearable’ that users will be wearing on their wrists. He said the device will run iOS 8 and pack the new HealthKit, a recently started health and fitness service by Apple.

Is the claim by Paczkowski authentic? We need to wait to figure it out. As the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are getting closer, sources have started mentioning dates to sound more telling. In our previous article we acknowledged some of such sources who claimed the release date of iOS 8 is September 10 and that of iPhone 6 is September 12.

Paczkowski’s claim not only contradicts the aforementioned sources but also what he himself claimed earlier. In June he reported the veil from the iWatch will be taken off by Apple in October. However, he quickly realized his two claims are in contrast with each other and on Wednesday, said he still expects iWatch to be showcased in October, but Apple has recently changed its previous plan.

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John Gruber said earlier this month Apple may release a wearable device in September. Did he indicate iWatch by ‘wearable thing?’ There’s no way to know that. His comment was offhand however and he stated the wearable device has a good chance of release before Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch. Ironically, just when the rumor was about to stir up, Gruber dismissed everything by saying his comment was nothing but a joke.

We can shed doubt over Paczkowski’s claim. But one thing is sure; Apple is going to host a gala event on September at which the iPhone 6 will be unveiled. Whether or not iWatch will make its way to that event is what we are yet to find out.

iWatch is rumored to arrive with some trend setting specs. Apple’s patent informs us of a technology that would allow Wi-Fi less devices share network connection of other devices via bluetooth. iWatch will run on this technology and let users surf internet for news and messages by connecting the device to an iPhone.

The upcoming iWatch may come with a 1.5-inch screen. This suggests the iWatch will display selective information if it shares data from iPhone. Apple reportedly fears this move might disappoint users because they might miss out on many interesting stuff. One source said Apple will release iWatch in different variants; AMOLED touchscreen of 1.3 and 1.4 inches. Some other sources claimed the display could be of 2.5 inches.

Some insider reports claimed the iWatch will have OLED display to ensure form-fitting design. They speculated iWatch to have Sapphire screen so the device remains unscathed.

The biggest payout for users will be the HealthKit system for health and fitness tracking. iOS 8 will pack HealthKit. Since iWatch is wearable device, HealthKit will have smooth time tracking user’s health activities.

All in all, there’s a strong indication that we won’t have to wait for long to get our hands on iWatch. It’s just a matter of time now.